Discover the Benefits of Omni-channel Integration with Our Demo

Omni-channel technology can transform how well your contact center performs. It can redevelop how your agents are able to interact with customers, give your different contact channels a greater sense of unity, and allow you to unlock the true potential of your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

On March 7th, NewVoiceMedia hosted a demo, allowing you to see an effective omni-channel contact center in action. It was the perfect opportunity to see the true capabilities of a powerful omni-channel solution. Across the 30-minute demo, we demonstrated how it can influence your business in several ways. You can find out more in this on-demand demo here.

See true omni-channel service done right—and learn how it can help your customers, your agents and your business.

Delight your customers with up-to-date histories

Keeping track of your customers’ journeys is a key way to encourage them to remain loyal to your business. Through the use of an effective omni-channel solution, you can manage their customer experiences (CX) across a variety of different contact channels, such as voice chat, social media and email.

This will ensure that your agents know who they’re speaking to before a call even begins and be aware of all their previous interactions with your business. With this knowledge, they can delight the customer and save them from having to repeat information that they’ve mentioned before. There’s no better way to set yourself apart from the competition than by going the extra mile when it comes to understanding your customers.

Give your customers choice

Customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to deciding which services they want to use or which products they want to purchase. Implementing omni-channel technology is a great way to give them choice when deciding how they want to interact with your business. It allows them to contact you in the way they’re most comfortable with.

By connecting your business’s different contact channels through omni-channel technology, you can provide an experience that is consistent across voice chat, social media, email and other platforms. This will give you a clear advantage over competitors who do not offer the same level of choice.

Allow your agents to use their time valuably

To make sure your contact center is running efficiently and agents are able to make the most of their time, you need to streamline processes where possible. It’s important to identify areas where agents are potentially wasting time, or are simply not making effective use of it.

Implementing a powerful omni-channel solution will help free up your agents’ time. It can recognise which contact channel is best suited for a specific conversation and redirect the customer accordingly. For example, you can allow chatbots to handle simple queries and direct complex ones to experts in specific areas. This will allow your contact center to run smoothly, saving customers and agents time.

Optimise your data for effective insights

Another way an omni-channel solution can benefit your contact center is by allowing you to easily funnel your customer data into CRM, collating voice and text-based channels.

Once there, you can you use your Salesforce tools, such as Einstein AI, to analyze the data and uncover fresh insights into how your agents work. Without effective omni-channel technology in place, most of this data is likely to remain unorganized and unusable, meaning you are holding back your contact center from reaching its full potential.

Develop new strategies for your contact center

Collating your conversation data from different contact channels into one place, you can then use it to find out which areas your contact center is lacking in. Discover which agents are performing best, which strategies are leading to the strongest results and highlight patterns in conversions.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use this data and how you use it to develop new strategies for your contact center.

Let agents focus on great conversations

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, implementing omni-channel technology allows your agents to focus on what matters most: great customer conversations.

For your contact center to succeed, you need to make sure that every customer interaction is as positive as it can possibly be, and an effective omni-channel solution should assist you in achieving this.

Concluding thoughts

In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be achieved through the use of omni-channel technology. To understand what is truly possible, it’s important to see how an effective omni-channel-integrated contact center functions.

Be sure to watch our 30-minute demo as we examine a contact center that features NewVoiceMedia’s powerful solution.

Written by Vonage Staff

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